Mountain Air Herbs would like to present Through the Storms: A Collection of Poems and Vignettes, by Linda Garrett Hicks.   
Through the Storms is a collection of poems and vignettes embracing everyday life-the highs and the lows, the joys and the sorrows, the calm and the fury-as seen through the eyes of poet Linda Garrett Hicks. Grouped into five distinctive categories, Through the Storms offers words of comfort and encouragement in life's ever-changing circumstances: Faith and Inspiration, Love and Friendship, Childhood, Home, and Mother Nature and Creation. Laugh with the flowers. Cry with the rain. Smile to know that beyond the clouds, the sun is always shining!

Linda Garrett Hicks is the owner of Mountain Air Herbs and a writer and poet from rural middle Tennessee.  She is a Christian, a wife and mother, and a writer- in that order. 
She is from the beautiful rolling hills of middle Tennessee.  Her recent work, Through the Storms, reflects these truisms. 
excerpt from Through the Storms

What Matter the Years?

It's not the gold you'll find and store.
It's not the title o'er your door.
It's not the trophies at your feet
Of races won or victories sweet.

It is the hearts you touch each day.
It is the souls you point the way
To Heaven's Gate, when this life's through,
That'll crown the years He gave to you.